The Workshop on Probabilistic and Statistical Methods is a meeting organized by the Join Graduate Program in Statistics UFSCar/USP (PIPGEs) with the aim of discussing new developments in statistics, probability and their applications.


Activities include invited speaker sessions, short talks, a poster session and a short course devoted to graduate students. The topics of this new edition include probability and stochastic processes, statistical inference, regression models, survival analysis and related topics.

Confirmed Speakers

Alexandre Patriota - IME-USP
André Ponce de Leon F. de Carvalho - ICMC-USP
Artur Lemonte Jorge - UFRN
Dylan Molenaar - University of Amsterdam
Fabio Gagliardi Cozman - POLI-USP
Fábio Prates Machado - IME-USP
Fernanda de Bastiani - UFPE
Guilherme Ludwig - UNICAMP
Iddo Ben-Ari - University of Connecticut
João Ricardo Sato - UFABC
Larissa Avila Matos - UNICAMP
Luis Gustavo Nonato - ICMC-USP
Marcelo Andrade - USP-UFSCAR


Organizing Committee

Jorge Luís Bazan - ICMC-USP (Chair)
Mariana Curi - ICMC-USP
Rafael Izbicki - DEs-UFSCar
Renato Jacob Gava - DEs-UFSCar
Vera Tomazella - DEs-UFSCar

Scientific Committee

Adriano Polpo de Campos - University of Western Australia
Carlos Alberto de Bragança Pereira - IME-USP
Francisco Louzada Neto - ICMC/USP
Mario de Castro - ICMC-USP
Osvaldo Anacleto
Vera Tomazella - UFSCar





The meeting in numbers

Since the first edition of the Workshop on Probabilistic and Statistical Methods, helded in 2013, we have received the contribution of many colleagues and students.

Conferences and Talks
Oral Communications
Poster Presentations


If you have any question, please do not hesitate in contact us! We are looking forward to seeing you in São Carlos.

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